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What's In, What's Not


All of our herbs are organic. Our products and ingredients are grown, cultivated and harvested naturally. We do not use meat byproducts, processed foods, gluten, dyes, additives, pesticides or fungicides. Sterilization processes are chemical-free. Nesting materials are cleansed here in our facility, safely and without use of chemical treatments. We package our products in FDA approved containers. Food items are packaged as needed and never stored. For more product-specific information, please visit our Ingredients page or Contact Support.

Less is More!

We've discovered Herb Salad™ imitations that claim to contain more, even up to 30! herbs in their mixture. While more herbs may seem better, it can be dangerous. The excess herbs weaken the integrity of the blend and often cause important medicinal herbs, necessary to address specific ailments, to become weakened and diminished.

Adding additional herb varieties can cause an excess of the vitamins and minerals that accumulate in the body, e.g. calcium and folic acid, vitamins A, D, E, and K, to name just a few. They build up to toxic levels. These can damage livers, cause brittle bones and eggshell, and destroy feather condition.

Gathered wisdom and experience is essential when adopting a safe, holistic management of your pet's therapeutic needs. And, that can only come from research and practice. Twin Beaks™ Aviary has over 30 years of hands-on birdkeeping. We're happy to share our experience and knowledge. Just Ask!

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