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Can I mix Herb Salad™ and Hatched!™ Eggshell together??

What is the best way to give my birds Hatched!™ and Herb Salad™?
I was just wondering how long the herbs will stay fresh and how to store them.
Should I grind up your herbs for my smaller birds?
Can I mix Herb Salad™ in with my soft food?
Is Elderberry safe for doves?
Is it okay to feed garlic to my bird?
Can my bird eat too much Herb Salad™?
What kind of birds will eat Herb Salad™?
When and how much should I give my birds?

I heard that my Eclectus shouldn't eat spirulina.
Eclectus thrive on a nutrient-sparse diet in the wild. Since Spirulina is the most nutrient-rich food in the world, incorporating it into your Eclectus's diet by way of adding it to their food and seed can cause problems for some sensitive individuals. This is often displayed by wing-flipping and toe tapping. The amount of Spirulina contained in Herb Salad™ is safe for Eclectus. We do not recommend adding Srirulina to their diet by any other means.

How long can I keep my herbs before they're too old to feed to my birds?
What differences in my birds will I notice after feeding them Herb Salad™?
My birds need to *fatten up*! Will this help?
Should I treat my sick birds with Herb Salad™ instead of medicines?
My bird loves your Herb Salad™--though he's very selective.
I was wondering if Herb Salad™ has been known to heal (or help) a Gould that has been ill for a month or two.
Is it recommended to feed the herbs to a seriously ill Gouldian that has been difficult to diagnose?

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