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Herb Salad™'s distribution is world-wide. Its value to avian wellness is recognized by respected aviculturists and Holistic avian veterinarians, alike. We regularly donate Herb Salad™ and Hatched!™ Organic eggshell to various nation-wide avian sanctuaries working towards rehabilitation of ill and neglected birds relinquished to their care. We're members of the National Finch and Softbill Society, the American Federation of Aviculture and Birds of Paradise Sanctuary and Rescue. Twin Beaks® Aviary's Herb Salad™ has been featured in the Austrailian publication Birdkeeper, the AFA's Watchbird, Bird Talk Magazine and Parrot Nation- Covering the World of Aviculture. Twin Beaks® Aviary began developing Herb Salad™ in 1989. All species of birds will consume and benefit from adding Herb Salad™ to their diet. Learn more about Animal Self-Medication.
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